INTERVIEW: Zoe Partridge from Wear the Walk

5 questions for a successful 2018

To Zoe Partridge, founder of  Wear the Walk

With her online rental clothes platform, Zoe Partridge is showing us how to change our consumer habit without compromising on our style. She works with UK-based emerging designers committed to sustainable and ethical fashion.

1. Your most striking fact in 2017?
People becoming aware of how much wastage there is within their own wardrobes: on average 57 unworn items in the wardrobe, 16 items only worn once, 11 items still with tags on.

2. What does it mean for you?
People are looking for more sustainable ways to consume and more ethical production practices. We as consumers are seeking out sustainability which is a real turning point for my company. Renting is no longer seen as cheap, but as efficient.

3. Your best-seller in 2017?
Krasimira Stoyneva jackets. Women choose her pieces fun and experimental as well as easy to wear.

4. Your new business-related resolution for 2018?
Get the basics right and focus on great customer service.

5. Your absolutely-to-do list to behave as a conscious consumer?
Look for quality and uniqueness over cheap price and simplicity.

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