5 questions for a successful 2018

to Charlotte Instone, founder of  Know The Origin

Charlotte Instone visiting a cotton factory in India

Charlotte Instone has created her label in order to reconnect the customers with the people behind every garment from Cotton Farm to Final Factory.

1. Your most striking fact in 2017?
61% of brands have no idea where their clothing is made and 93% don’t know where their fabrics come from.

2. The meaning for you?
Our men and womenswear range of everyday essentials has set a new standard that values people, the planet and transparency equally. We are so proud to work with an incredible network of Fairtrade and Organic producers across India. We believe that everyone deserves to be seen and valued for the work they do to make KTO possible. Knowing this stat pushes our determination forwards, we will not stop until brand transparency and ethical practice the norm across the fashion industry.

3. Your best-seller in 2017?
By far our Kata Dress, a beautiful sleek Fairtrade and Organic dress £40.

4. Your new business-related resolution(s) for 2018?
Learn more, expect more and develop others more.

5. Your absolutely-to-do list to behave as a conscious consumer?
It is hard when things are hectic to think about making big changes, but every choice we make determines the world we want to create. For my own life, I want to reduce single plastics, investing in a keep cup, refusing straws/single-use cutlery etc. These small steps will help me work towards a zero-waste lifestyle.


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