INTERVIEW: Sophie Slater from Birdsong

5 questions for a successful 2018

to Sophie Slater, co-founder of Birdsong London

Sophie Slater, co-founder of Birdsong London


Sophie Slater shows us how a fashion brand can empower women and create a strong social link.

1. Your most striking fact in 2017?
That the phrase “sexual harassment” was only invented in 1984! Thanks to Rebecca Solnit for that one.

2. The meaning for you?
To make fashion fair, joyous and that works towards a future we’re excited to be a part of.

3. Your best-seller in 2017?
Our hand-painted pomegranate t-shirt

4. Your new business-related resolution(s) for 2018?
Do less, and do it really well. Paying attention to details rather than spreading ourselves thin.

5. Your absolutely-to-do list to behave as a conscious consumer?
Ask questions and be curious. Look on the label; do your research; buy if you absolutely need or love. Recycle at Traid.


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