INTERVIEW: Cora Hilts from Reve-en-Vert

5 questions for a successful 2018

To Cora Hilts, co-founder of Reve-en-Vert

Cora Hilts has co-founded this online platform as a positive alternative to other shopping experiences, showcasing the best of designs that combine both style and value to create something beautiful, timeless and long-lasting.

1. Your most striking fact in 2017?
That literally every animal in the sea has now been found to have plastic particles within them.

2. The meaning for you?
It made me stop eating fish and attempt a zero-waste lifestyle for my fiancé and I.

3. Your best-seller in 2017?
Woron Store bodysuits – they feel amazing and work with everything.

4. Your new resolution for 2018?
To get rid of plastic as much as possible in our supply chain and any of our products that use it!

5. Your absolutely-to-do list to behave as a conscious consumer?
Simply to remember that everytime you purchase something you are casting a vote for the sort of world you want to live in – so shop local, buy organic, be conscious of your waste and only invest in things you can imagine wearing 30 + times.

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