5 highly fashionable and sustainable sweatshirts for the spring

It has been a long time since the sweatshirt was confined to sports halls! Its not-so-glamorous name was incidentally picked up by factory workers who commented on its apparent state of post-sport-game. As a pure product of urban subcultures, the humble sweatshirt has become a fashion staple for both men and women. This season, it inspires again fashion designers and continues its ethical metamorphosis.

More than ever this spring, the sweatshirt emancipates from its street roots and is adorned with embroidery and new textures. It is very exciting to see the interesting fabrics and styles that have been popping up lately from sustainable and ethical brands. With its cool degaine, you can easily mix your sweatshirt to any style. Of course, there’s always the sweatshirt-and-denim combo you could live in forever, but I personally prefer to pair it with a midi or mini skirt for a more feminine but still casual look.

Here are a few easy to wear and pair sweatshirts I found that combine , sustainability and amazing fabrics.

Birdsong x Know The Origin Embroidered Organic Sweatshirt

Birdsong x Know The Origin
The sweatshirt was born from the exciting collaboration between two of the most popular London-based social and sustainable fashion enterprises, Birdsong and Know the Origin. It is a black organic cotton sweatshirt with cropped sleeves and a crew neckline. It features embroidery representing one of Birdsong’s signature florals, made by women at a community sewing project, Bow Sewing Centre in Poplar.

Price: £89.00
Materials: 100% fair trade and organic cotton
Made in the UK







Signature Embroidered Bee Sweatshirt by Gung Ho

Gung Ho
This stylish and statement embroidered sweatshirt is a classic of Gung Ho. The contrast between the dark colour and the golden embroidery gives depth to its style. At Gung Ho, every garment has a hidden meaning within the print. With every purchase, a donation of £5 is given to a charity that works with endangered British Bees.

Price: £95.00
Colours: Black and Dark Blue
Materials: 100% Organic cotton. Earth Positive, Climate Neutral sweatshirt
Made in the UK







New Louis sweatshirt by Riyka

Based in East London, Riyaka was created by a husband and wife team. They produce brilliantly simple pieces created from a mix of natural reclaimed and organic fabrics such as denim, leather and cotton. The oversized marl grey New Louis sweatshirt has complimenting geometrical leather panels on centre back, centre front and top sleeve.

Price: £135.00
Materials: jersey 56% Cotton & 24% Acrylic/Poly, 20% Leather
Made in the UK





Embroidered Grey Sweatshirt by Sophie Pitto

Sophie Pittom
Sophie Pittom is an emerging designer who launched her eponym brand in 2015. Beside her Couture collection, she has created a ready to wear line of sweatshirts and teeshirts with embroidered & embellished lace pieces. Putting a twist on classic pieces, this sweatshirt is elevated to new levels with embroidered lace details. Every piece is finished by hand making each one totally unique.

Price: £165.00
Materials: 100% recycled materials (60% cotton, 40% polyester)
Made in the UK



FRANCIS Organic Cotton Dress In Madder by Beaumont Organic

Beaumont Organic
A last addition to this sweatshirt collection is the minimal and easy to wear Francis sweatshirt dress from Beaumont Organic seen at the 69b boutique in Broadway Market. I was amazed by its super soft touch and seduced by its lovely bright or fresh shades. The exaggerated sleeves and boxy shape allow this dress to be as comfortable as it is stylish.

Price: £109
Materials:  95% organic cotton and 5% elastane
Colours: Madder, Light Pink and Grey
Made ethically in Portugal

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