Step #5 to learn how to love your clothes again

Over the last weeks, I have highlighted small steps we can all take to fall in love with our clothes again. If you have been following the journey on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter then great but if you missed it, here is a summary of the Steps to date, from Step 1 to Step 5.



Step 5: Mix Items Up

This fifth step will allow you to go deeper into your wardrobe. I find it helpful to remove all the clothes from the wardrobe and to organize them by product category. Then, there is no need to think too much! If you created an inspiration book, you can have a look at it to give you the start impulse. If you don’t have one, randomly take some pieces that you wouldn’t have necessarily mixed together spontaneously. For example, you can work an outfit by taking a top that you like, pair it with each one of the bottoms you own and see what happens. When you like something, you can add a third, fourth… piece to create a complete silhouette.

The main key to this step is TIME for sure. It is important to take the time to try as many new combinations as possible. The inspiration certainly won’t come naturally on a Monday morning while hastily getting ready for work or school drop-off!

Make sure to include all the pieces from your wardrobe. We all feel a bit hesitant to wear occasion or delicate pieces. Actually that is the catch! Saving these items only for special occasions makes them end up going unworn.

Be curious and not judgmental about what you could pair together: mix a summer dress with a pair of jeans, double up fine knitwear pieces, mix up textures, prints, finish your silhouette with a belt on top of your layered ensemble…

As you try out outfits, take pictures or write down a short description of each outfit. This way you can remember what worked for you and made you feel comfortable and what didn’t particularly work for you. It will be easier to recreate the outfits you liked and to remember why you didn’t like a particular outfit. Only re-wear the outfits that you felt comfortable and confident in. Comfort and confidence are often the keys to looking good.

Being creative becomes easier when it is something that you do regularly. Don’t feel like you have to go through your whole wardrobe in one day. You can do this exercise when you have the time and want to find new ideas. Take your camera, find a pen and a notebook, put on some good music and have fun!

Wherever you’re at in your journey to build a sustainable wardrobe, I’d love to hear your ideas and experience. Please like, comment, share and engage with the #ReLoveReWear hashtag or @LocalFashionStories (@LFashionStories on Twitter), and we will support each other!



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