Fashion has always brought excitement in my life. I have always been a huge supporter of designers and unknown labels, always feeling excited to discover new ones. All designers are so passionate about what they do, that it fascinates me. I also like the confidence that you get from a piece of clothing or outfit, just because you feel it matches and embodies perfectly your personality.

Over the years, I have built a large wardrobe and I am very sentimental about my clothes. Even if there are some clothes that I don’t wear very often, I like to keep them for the few occasions where I take them out of my closet. I also keep the most beautiful clothes for my two daughters and already feel excited about the day they will start borrowing them, with the feeling of wearing vintage pieces.

The True Cost‘ documentary made me realise and reflect on the disastrous social and environmental impacts of fashion. Since then, I have felt completely disconnected with the brands that I used to like and uninspired by the clothes I see in mainstream fashion – from cheap fast fashion high street to extortionately over-priced high-end ready-to-wear brands. Fashion used to make me feel good about myself and suddenly, I was overwhelmed by a huge feeling of guilt and sadness each time I went shopping. What is the fun in buying clothes, if it contributes to humanitarian and environmental disasters?

So, how did I find the feel-good factor again? The good news is that there are plenty of designers and entrepreneurs committed to innovating by bringing us clothes that are kinder to people and the planet, and therefore participate in leaving a better world for our children and the next generations.

I am a strong supporter of sustainable, ethical and slow fashion and truly believe that the fashion industry is at a historical crossroad to better itself. The current situation is very confusing. To this end, I am creating this blog, Loulou Lost in Fashion, to honestly share with you my thoughts, inspirations, hopes and new ways to see, buy and wear clothes. As a consumer, it is so important to develop our own opinion. I hope that my blog will bring you ideas to develop your own way to consume fashion conscientiously, as there maybe isn’t a perfect solution but there definitely is a diligent solution that will make you feel good.

Since living in North East London from November 2016, I discovered that this part of the city is booming with amazing fashion initiatives that need to be better known and supported. I will introduce you to a series of visionary entrepreneurs, style-forward brands and inspiring concepts by launching a social media campaign called #LocalFashionStories, to raise awareness around them.

Last but not the least, I want to prove that you don’t have to compromise on ethics for style. It is true that getting dressed ethically and sustainably can sometimes be challenging so let me find you pointful ideas that will make you feel good and stylish pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd. You will love these clothes; not only for what they are but also for the incredible stories you will have to tell about them.

The era of sustainability and awareness has started and will boost our fashion mojo! Thank you for joining me on this journey!