Over the last weeks, I have highlighted small steps we can all take to fall in love with our clothes again. If you have been following the journey on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter then great but if you missed it, here is a summary of the Steps to date, from Step 1 to Step 5.



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Are you up for a challenge? Before unveiling the fourth step of the #ReLoveReWear challenge that I have taken in order to love my clothes again, I would like to encourage you to join the challenge. That is the first way – and maybe the most important one – to create a sustainable wardrobe. The challenge is very easy; I am highlighting 10 steps that you can complete at your own rhythm and in the order you want. Follow @LocalFashionStories on Instagram and Facebook, @LFashionStories on Twitter and the hashtag #ReLoveReWear. You can complete the different steps with me and use the hashtag #ReLoveReWear to post your progress. The more we share our ideas, the more traction we will all get.

Step 4: Upcycle Old Pieces

We all have those pairs of jeans, shirts and skirts in the back of our closet that we are tired of wearing! However, we don’t feel ready to give them away. Here’s something you can do to use them and appreciate them again: upcycle them!

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Whilst I am sharing many exciting stories of fashion labels, concepts and individuals based in North East London through my ‘Local Fashion Stories’ campaign, I am also reflecting on my own attitude towards fashion and I, therefore, decided to take on the challenge of learning how to love my clothes again. ‘A closet full of clothes but nothing to wear’- too often rings a bell to me. Is it the same for you?

A few days ago, I unveiled the first step of my exciting #ReLoveReWear challenge. It could be summed up with 3 Rs: “Repair, Restore and Rewear”. We all have in our wardrobe some pieces that we don’t want to wear because there is a hole or a missing button. Extending the average life of clothes by just 3 months could have a strong impact on the environment and would lead to a 5-10% reduction in the carbon, water and waste footprint*. It is therefore worth making a small sewing effort! On my side, I finally got my two pairs of shoes back from the cobbler and I am so happy to have them back in my closet! They are like having two new items back in my closet, I am delighted!

This week, I’m highlighting a new easy and fun step that I’d love you to read and join.

Step 2: Seek inspiration

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As the ‘Local Fashion Stories’ movement ramps up, I would like to take time to reflect on what seems to be the most important step of any sustainable and ethical wardrobe: falling in love with our clothes again.

Over the next few weeks, I will offer you a series of really easy ways to look at your closet more creatively! It will also help you identify what clothes no longer suit you and what new clothes you need to start shopping more consciously.

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It’s starting to feel like spring and lots of good energy vibes are spreading around! My main fashion New Year’s resolution this year was to fall in love with my clothes again. However, I have to admit that this resolution hasn’t been at the forefront of my thoughts since the beginning of the year but finally, last week, something happened: I was feeling incredibly bored with my clothes… again. This sudden feeling was quite strange: one day without notice, I ended up finding boring what I used to find exciting and wanted a complete overhaul, which usually ends up with buying new outfits.

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