Designers with a sustainable and ethical purpose


 * based in North East London


*Christopher Raeburn
With its REMADE Studio in the heart of East London, Christopher Ræburn has established his eponymous brand with sustainable and intelligent fashion design for a global audience. The REMADE ethos has pioneered the reworking of surplus fabrics and garments to create distinctive and functional pieces. This innovative approach, with an unusual balance of high concept, accessibility and wearability, is applied to menswear, womenswear, luggage and accessories.

Faustine Steinmetz
Paris-born Faustine Steinmetz has launched her eponym label in London in early 2013. All of Faustine’s pieces are made in accordance with her belief in craftsmanship over trend. Sustainability takes place in different forms throughout her work – ranging from her love of intense hand-working to her use of recycled denim.

*Gillian June     
Gillian June creates beautifully tailored womenswear, handmade in London. Classic cuts with a bohemian twist, there is a Gillian June jacket for every occasion.

Hannah Brabon
Hannah Brabon is a Womenswear Knitwear Young Designer. Focused on creating luxury sportswear inspired knitwear and denim that are innovative and forward-thinking, Hannah Brabon aims to empower women through the clothing that they wear. Hannah’s ethos is to have a low impact on the environment by promoting the idea of slow fashion, which forms the basis of her research. Her aim is to design and make clothing with a long life that women will treasure for many years to come.

Katie Jones
Katie Jones has always focused on sustainable practice embracing her Granny’s vision of making something beautiful from nothing and consciously addressing issues of over-consumerism. It creates wearable, artisanal collections that are big on colour and texture. But more than just creating beautiful garments, Katie Jones creates playful experiences that encourage and champion social and environmental change. By running and participating in a wide range of workshops and events, she wants people to interact and engage with the brand, sharing her skills and knowledge on textile crafts and sustainable fashion.

Krasimira Ivanova-Stoyneva
Krasimira Stoyneva ‘s luxury womenswear creates unforgettable textures colour and pattern variety with the signature use of synthetic hair.

Martina Spetlova
Martina Spetlova is a luxury womenswear fashion label creating handcrafted garments from high-quality leather and woven textiles.

*Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl is a luxury womenswear brand that celebrates individuality and authenticity. Based in East London, the brand takes an often humorous approach to print and design; sportswear runs through its DNA, fused with luxe fabrications and careful design. Ultimately, Mother of Pearl creates clothing that strikes a balance between the casual and luxury: effortless day wear, which can be elevated to be special enough for any occasion. Without being overt, the creative director Amy Powney is passionate about being as sustainable as possible in everything she does.

Seasonless and not tied to trends, Polosophia create garments to last. Each collection is made in London and creates an intelligent capsule wardrobe of the daring, delivering witty reinterpretations of classic staples.

*Sophie Pittom Couture
Sophie Pittom is an emerging and young designer who launched her eponym brand in 2015. A womenswear collection of one-off heavily embroidered & embellished lace pieces.

Vin and Omi
Studio VIN + OMI produces two fashion collections each year. Since 2004 they have developed a range of unique to market textiles focussing on sustainable, eco-processes, which they use in our collections.