A few months ago, I was looking for a pair of ethical high-waisted jeans – which, truth be told, I still haven’t found. After searching on a few ethical-fashion websites, I finally found a pair that looked perfect for me. Granted I hadn’t tried them on which was annoying but I was desperate to get my hands on them anyway. I then realised that the US-based brand didn’t deliver in London. This was such a disappointment and a waste of time!

From then on, I decided to focus on UK sustainable brands firstly to avoid delivery issues but also because any shipment, of course, implies a higher carbon footprint.

I was then with faced another problem at the time: I couldn’t find any sources that only focused on UK-based sustainable brands. I read many listings that mixed different ethical brands from all over the world. This was not what I was looking for and on top of that, the same brands were quoted over and over again. So I dug deeper and started compiling a list of UK-based brands, which you will find below. To start with, I am focusing on womenswear as there is already a lot to (dis)cover.

I haven’t yet tested or been in contact with all the brands. In the months to come, my goal is to dig deeper and add some relevant information to this list. Loving and living in North East London, I have added a star* in front of the brands which are based there. I believe that it is important to support local economic life as part of a socially conscious consumer lifestyle. Consuming local is one of the first steps towards ethical behaviour.

I commit to updating this list, every time I get new recommendations or discover new brands so feel free to share any brands that you like and that should be part of this list.

As an ever-growing list, it is also worth to check back here often!

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